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I am writing this blog on my birthday. My 38th birthday.

Not a huge milestone in the big scheme of birthday celebrations more of an ever present tap on the shoulder that the big 40 is tip toeing closer and to be honest that does not bother me to much (although the devil seems to have backed out of his deal to keep me 28) but it seems in my 38th year on this the penny may have finally dropped for me!


The opening three words might not mean much to you and you might be thinking that there is more to life than three C’s but let me try to make these particular words resonate with a few of you if I can.

The way I see it goes kind of like this.

Chances occur throughout your life whether they be in your work life, your family life or even your love life and when they do then you are faced with a choice. Choice to follow that chance to see where it might take you. Now at times it might be a no brainer to make the choice and take that chance but sometimes it might take a bit of courage.

Life is scary. I call BS on anyone that says different, no one wants to fail or get rejected or start again but take it from an expert in all of the above because it’s so worth it ! The ability to pick yourself up and dust yourself down with your head held high is admirable ! HELL I’d even go as far as to say its one of the most under valued personality traits out there. Some of my greatest adventures and memories have been born after picking myself up and taking a chance.

Going back to the three C’s maybe now you are thinking they make a touch more sense or you might have closed your computer down or turned your phone off ! If you are still reading then you just had a chance to make a choice and here we are still on this page having a read of what tumble weeds through my head! Now I’m not saying it took courage for you to keep reading, it could be you are waiting for the kettle to boil and this is slightly more interesting than reading the teabag box. In essence you still took a chance and made your choice and are no worse off for it.

So what I am trying to say and without sounding like a patronising motivational picture is you all have courage and you all can make the choice to risk the chances that come your way. You never know where they will take you or who they might bring into your life!

You might be wondering why I wrote this blog.

Well changing my lifestyle and taking control of my fitness has taken me on a journey and dropped me on a new path so to speak.

For me 2016 is going to be a big year, its scary and I question myself daily on a variety of self-deprecating brain teasers! BUT personally I would rather take the chances that have come my way and basically just go for it because I don’t see them doing anything other than enhancing my life.

So what are these chances?

Sean approached me to do a video blog of a 12 week training program for Maxinutrition, I feel very honoured by this and obviously jumped at the chance for a number of reasons but for two reasons above others and for starters as I said in the last post I had lost direction/motivation so this has come at a perfect moment to get me back in the driving seat. Also that chance to grab some more of Sean’s experience and knowledge is an opportunity just to good to pass up so when the video blogs are up and running hopefully you will give them a view.

The next big chance and choice I have made is to further my learning and I have enrolled in the Body Type Nutrition foundation academy which is the brain child of Ben Coomber who in my opinion is a very honest and knowledgable figure in the muddled world of health, fitness and nutrition. I strongly recommend searching Ben and Body Type Nutrition out as the information they put out is beyond beneficial. Check out Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Youtube or http://www.bodytypenutrition.co.uk  also Ben has a huge catalogue of podcasts to listen to on Ben Coomber radio.

So for me its a long and new journey ahead but I am super excited at what chances the future could bring and I will blog my progress in both of the above.

Remember this equation chance/choice+courage = REWARD

Thanks again for reading and remember those C’s.


Paul Cocker