August 16, 2011In Fitness ModellingBy Sean Lerwill1 Minutes

Sean models for MaximuscleAwesome day today. Mark from Maximuscle organised a cool shoot in Wendover Woods near Aylesbury, with an Olympic Bar, chains, dumbbells and trim trail type kit. We did a series of shots using the weights and then made our way around the 1500metre trail taking shots of the log press, abs station, dip bars and pull-up bars.

Yet again, Maxi provided me with a load of stash, from training vests and t-shirts, to product, bottles and shakers.

A big, big thanks to everyone involved today: Mark, John, Stuart and Kate. The people always make a shoot, and everyone was so easy to work with. We also got some amazing shots that should be ready to see in various forms from September.

These are a couple of images Miss B. Took during the shoot.

Sean Lerwill curls dumbbells for the Maximuscle shoot