October 9, 2015In ExercisesBy Sean Lerwill4 Minutes

If you didn’t already know, the creator of the TRX was a Navy SEAL. He created it to allow SEALs to train hard anywhere. However, I still hear people say that you can’t train legs properly with the TRX. That the sessions aren’t as good as those you can do in the gym. Ok, I can see their point, but I also believe there are a number of really tough TRX leg sessions out there.

One I use is along the German Volume Training (GVT) lines, i.e. 10sets of 10reps. However, as regular and even jump squats are too easy for 10reps, I use the pistol squat. Pistol squats in general are tough. A lot of people find them too hard for sets of 10. The TRX does make it a little easier, but be mindful of pulling up on the TRX too much. You don’t want to be doing the work with yours arms; they are just there for support and balance.

As always, I pay particular attention to the tempo. For my GVT TRX pistol squat session I try to stick to a 3010 tempo, taking a count of 3 to lower, not pausing at the bottom and then taking a 1 count to come up before dropping straight into the next rep. I take a small shake out between legs and start with the alternate leg for each set. I stick to a strict 1minute rest between sets.

[sd_video id=”64raZkkVlM0″ type=”youtube”]

You may still be thinking that 10sets of 10reps of alternate leg start TRX pistol is easy. Try it. It’s not a difficult session to do. It doesn’t really take too long (I actually did some pause squats, jump squats, split squats and walking lunges after this) and it only requires one piece of kit. The great thing about the session for me is that it can be done anywhere as long as you have a suspension trainer. I’ve done it on a rainy day in my living room, outside in the sunshine (as seen in this video), in a hotel room and in the gym.

If you’re worried about it not doing enough for you, I had DOMS for a couple of days after this session. If you lower slowly and really squeeze the glutes and quads as you drive up you will affect the muscles. Equally make sure you push up and slightly forward to ensure you aren’t leaning back against the TRX and using the arms. Pushing forward keeps the TRX a little slacker (may not be the TRX by the book method) and thus makes sure you are doing closer to regular pistol squats.

There you have it: the TRX pistol squats GVT session. Great for training the legs anywhere and perfect for those unable to do pistol squats for all those reps and need a bit of TRX support. Try it and let me know what you think on Twitter or Facebook.