November 30, 2011In TrainingBy Sean Lerwill1 Minutes

I recently received an email from “Bryan” (thanks Bryan), in which he praised my current book (Royal Marines Fitness) and said he was looking forward to my new book (Haynes Guide to Running).

Bryan also asked if I had any body weight/running circuits I’d recommend, or if I perform myself. That gave me the idea for Workout Wednesday.

Every Wednesday (when I can) I will put a different workout to try. Why Wednesday? Well, one, it is the middle of the week when your good intentions in the gym are possibly sliding. Two, it is when we were used to playing sport at school and uni (Wed avo games). And three (and most important), it alliterates with Workout. Anyway, Wednesday Workout is born!


Body weight Circuit:
10 Plyometric jumps (as high as possible for all 10)
10 Clap Press ups
10 Leg raises
1 min rest
repeat this 10 times.

Sean Lerwill's plyometric jumps

10 tuck jumps
10 press ups on knees
10 flutter kicks

Tabata sprints on treadmill
20 seconds sprint on quickest speed possible by you (12-25)
10 seconds stood either side of belt
Repeat 8 times.

Kate Braithwaite running