When time is short…

Sean Lerwill dips (Credit: snhfoto)

Yesterday was one of those days where, before I knew it, my window to train had disappeared. It ran away with me completely. 

I was training a client 4.45-5.45 with a business meeting booked for 6.30 which I had to walk 10 minutes to get to. However, that wasn’t going to stop me! All you need is 20-30mins for a good push session, and five minutes for a classic Bootneck shower.

After a quick warm-up I started a stop watch and performed 10reps on the minute every minute for 20 minutes, threw a shake down my neck, had a shower and headed to my meeting ready for a Burrito over the subjects needing to be discussed!

The session went down like so:

  • Overhead press: 10sets of 10reps (1 set of 10 on the minute every minute) 2010
  • Dips: 7sets of 10reps (1 set of 10 on the minute every minute) 2010
  • Press-ups on press-up stands: 3sets of 10reps (1 set of 10 on the minute every minute) 2010

A change from my current regime, but it allowed me to get a session in despite a rushed day. I can already feel the tightness creeping into the front delts and edges of my pecs. Just goes to show that a simple 20min session, if done with good form, following a strict tempo and ensuring intensity, can do the trick.

Sean Lerwill - Author

Sean is an former-Royal Marines Commando Officer & Physical Training Instructor. He has been published as a writer five times, has a BSc in Molecular Genetics and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. He is also a Maximuscle ambassador.

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