December 7, 2011In TrainingBy Sean Lerwill2 Minutes

Wow! Has a week gone past already? Don’t feel like I’ve accomplished anything! If you haven’t either, don’t fear, not only do you have another two days after today this week to accomplish something, here is a workout for you to do. Believe me, you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something if you do it.

Last week was bodyweight focused, so this week is weights focused, and what better than an Olympic bar.

Ideally use a bar loaded to about 50% of your bodyweight. I weigh around 82kg so used 40kg. Don’t be scared to start light (say 25 or 30kg) and work your way up over a few weeks. Also, if you pick the regressions of push press and regular back squats, you can probably lift heavier, around 60% of your bodyweight.

Get on with it right?! The session is:

10 cleans

10 military (shoulder) press

10 over head squats

[sd_video id=”0QPHieQaSIU” type=”youtube”]

Regression 1: use a lighter weight

Regression 2: perform deadlifts, push press (using the legs) and regular squats instead.

A word of warning! Cleans, over head press and overhead squats all put a lot of pressure on the lower back and core. Ensure you warm up correctly beforehand and where necessary get someone qualified to teach you how to perform the exercises. Only idiots are afraid to ask!


  • Beginner – 5 with 1 min rest between
  • Intermediate – 8 with 1 min rest between
  • Expert – 10 with 1 minute or less (30 seconds) between rounds.