November 28, 2011In LifestyleBy Sean Lerwill2 Minutes


I watched the movie Wrecked with Miss. B last night. It was actually my second time watching it, as it was one of the movies on my flight from London to San Fran for the Merrell job in the summer. We watched it as we have been sent a script for a short film where a women is left stranded in a car and a stranger comes to help/hassle her. I thought Wrecked would cover some similar emotions and ground (as does “Frozen”, which is awesome. Seriously! Watch it!) and should be viewed by everyone this December. Unless you’re going skiing. Maybe wait until you’re back!

Wrecked didn’t get amazing reviews, which personally, I’m annoyed at. Both times I’ve watched it, I thought the acting, suspense and tension were pretty much spot on. The story is good enough to keep you engrossed and still leave you surprised at the end. Brody does a good effort with a pretty tough role as he is almost entirely on his own throughout the film. The screenplay (by Christopher Dodd) is good in terms of story, with enough going on in terms of a journey to keep the audience happy until the credits. Personally, I think there is a flaw in terms of what happens after his little swim and the amount of movement in his leg during the film, but otherwise a great film, and one which deserved better reviews than it got.

Again, I’d thoroughly recommend it. Director Michael Greenspan does a great job and delivers as exactly what you’d want from a film with the title “Wrecked”, especially if you like a bit of tension!